SmithIt! Voice Casting Solutions

Stop Making Cold Calls!

How many cold calls can you make in an hour? And more importantly, how many cold calls do you want to make? Smith Growth Partners re-sells voice casting technology that can obviate the need for you to ever have to make a cold call again – and when combined with direct mail and rich e-mail, the results can be truly dramatic.

The SmithIt! voice casting solution is an ASP-driven technology platform that empowers clients to make one call – one time ­– and then narrowcast that call to thousands or even tens of thousands of business-to-business phone numbers in support of their sales and marketing campaigns. These calls can go out in the middle of the night to be left on voice mail, can happen during business hours and play a recorded message – or can even make a transfer to a live person! Most importantly, this isn’t a hackneyed computer-generated voice: it’s your voice!

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