Our Values

Our Mission

Grow your business. Grow our business. Grow as people. Growth through Communication.

Our Values

Abundance – There are only two ways to be in the world: Scarce or abundant. Those who are scarce reap scarcity in their personal and professional lives. Those who are abundant reap abundance. We choose to be abundant and choose to work only with people who share this world view.

Integrity –– We keep our word.

Courage — We have the courage to do the things we thought we could not do. We are committed to the strategic planning process of reinvention in order to transform ourselves, our community and our world.

Work Ethic — We have a relentless commitment to excellence. We are never satisfied.

Servant Leadership — We are committed to selflessness and humility. We answer to and provide inspiration for our team, our clients, our partners and our families. We take the high road, always respecting each other’s self-expression and always protecting each other’s dignity through our daily actions and language. We lead from the front.

Persistence — We are persistent as a habit of mind. We have an unwavering will, and we evangelize our beliefs.

Communication – We are present and proactive in giving and receiving information.

Profitability — We are committed to being a healthy, profitable, sustainable strategic planning and marketing consulting company that allows our people to live out their dreams.

Smith Growth Partners actively seeks relationships with those who share these and similar values. If you share these values, please contact us.