SmithIt! Rich E-mail Solutions

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Smith Growth Partners has been using rich e-mail (graphically designed e-mail that is forwardable and trackable) since its inception over 5 years ago. In 2005 we began reselling rich e-mail technologies to our clients. Clients have caught on to the fact that direct mail – as a stand-alone direct response strategy – is dead. Even in the best of times you were lucky to get 2% direct response. Our clients, through a combination of using a reputable rich e-mail tool paired with well-written, audience-specific content, regularly achieve 10 times that response rate.

If you’re sending group e-mails through Outlook and struggling with managing your e-mail lists, contact us for a free demonstration of rich e-mail. With rich e-mail you’ll get higher receipt and response rates and you’ll have access to valuable tracking information that informs you instantly as to who is tuning in to your message and who isn’t – and that means actionable intelligence!

Communicate with Your Audiences with Rich E-mail

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