International Business

Want to Grow Your Business in North America?

Smith Growth Partners helps Asian and European companies market their services and products to companies and consumers in the United States and Canada. If your company:

  • is struggling to communicate its value proposition to North American audiences
  • doesn’t know to how to market its services or products in North America
  • is unwilling to pay the high costs associated with using a management consulting firm or full-service advertising agency
  • is in need of an Advisor or a Marketing Action Plan…

– you’re in the right place.

Smith Growth Partners is the single most experienced company in the world at helping other companies define their corporate, service or product value propositions.  We help you articulate who you are, what you do, and why you’re different, in order for your potential buyers to make informed decisions and take action that grows your company’s revenues.  A clear, consistent and compelling value proposition is the starting point for any marketing communications plan.

Once we’ve helped you develop or refine your value proposition, our Advisory Services, Consulting Products and Content Development expertise and marketing communications tools can be applied toward helping you grow your business in North America . Our marketing planning and communications expertise applies to all industries in both the b2b (business to business) and b2c (business to consumer) markets but is especially effective in helping technology, information technology and engineering companies. 

Companies in highly complex fields have enough trouble just explaining to a non-tech audience what it is they’ve developed.  The problem of communicating their value proposition is compounded many times over when it has to cross language and cultural barriers – and that’s just to get the message understood.  From there you have to have a culturally sensitive, savvy marketing plan if you want to be able to make money in this market.  We can help.

If you represent a company in Europe or Asia that needs a partner to help you better represent yourself in North America, contact us!

We Have a Plan for Your Success