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Smith Growth Partners believes that the most important part of the marketing mix is the corporate message – because the message makes the sale. We’re a company of management consultants and business-focused professional writers. We work with middle-market and large companies, driving their buying audiences through the sales cycle with clear and convincing marketing messages. We are your strategic creative partner in developing your corporate value proposition and setting it to action through our copywriting and editing services.

Starting with a Value Proposition Development Exercise designed to elicit your passionate and off-the-cuff remarks about your business, Smith Growth Partners follows the Socratic Method to ask the questions and evoke the messages you will need to go to market, regardless of medium. Our “Smiths” are experts in Web site, print, new media copywriting and concept development. We apply our consultative process to blend elements of print, Internet, direct response and advertising copywriting – and we understand the differences between various marketing copywriting genres and know how to make them work together to drive business to your company. Contact us.

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Stephen Muirhead
Absolute Quality