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Client: Lessard Group

Lessard Group is an award-winning architectural design and land planning firm specializing in residential, commercial and mixed-use development. The firm pushes the limits of architectural and urban design, providing ongoing opportunities for employees to build knowledge on the job and in the studio.

The Challenge
With a progressive company culture that promotes entrepreneurial leaders who often rise through the ranks of Lessard Group's unique internship program, the firm was re-launching its Web site to recruit younger architects from other firms and high-caliber schools around the world. The driving force behind the content development initiative was to differentiate the firm from more traditional, less experimental architectural firms.

The Solution
Smith Growth Partners wrote fresh, creative content that utilized non-traditional sentence structure, punctuation and grammar in order to adhere to Lessard Group's innovative aesthetic and speak to a more progressive audience. Smith Growth Partners applied a poetic rather than prosaic sensibility when writing the short, punchy copy.

The Results
According to a Lessard Group principal, the greatest success of the project was in the power of the language to reach target audiences and inspire them with a sense of the uniqueness of this firm. The dry sentences, straightforward yet expressive project descriptions, and uniquely structured grammatical style reflected Lessard Group's commitment to progressive culture and project work.