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sales and Web site copywriting

Client: Intuit

QuickBooks (an Intuit company) is best known for its accounting software, but also provides other business transactional solutions, specifically in merchant services. The company needed content developed quickly for a rollout of a new merchant service offering that streamlines merchants' data management by providing the capability to upload credit card purchasing information directly from a terminal or PC to QuickBooks accounting software.

With QuickBooks now offering two types of merchant services, the company needed a way to explain through its Web site which type of service was appropriate for which type of customer. Merchants were coming to the site uninformed, not finding the information that they needed, too often leaving without making a purchase.

Smith Growth Partners created information architecture and developed copy that enabled users to differentiate between the two services easily, utilizing a number of explanations and examples within the text and adopting a clear, straightforward tone and intuitive navigation choices. Web designer and developer and Smith Growth Partners partner Mattison Clark Design created and implemented the site's functionality.

Smith Growth Partners helped untangle a complicated software solution through effective navigation strategies and content. The QuickBooks site now clearly communicates with its audiences in ways that compel them to buy. The revised Web site also enables scalability, as salespeople new to the offering can guide their prospects through the options expertly.