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The Client: COLA

COLA, the premiere independent medical laboratory education, consultation and accreditation organization, helps medical labs of all sizes meet regulatory requirements using practical, educational standards that have a positive and immediate impact on patient care.

The Challenge:
COLA's goal in redeveloping its Web site was to condense and clarify information scattered over five disparate sites, and to make each page of the new site a revenue-generating tool. COLA's lab accreditation clients were largely unaware of the organization's e-learning services, and e-learning students were for the most part ignorant of the lab accreditation capabilities. As a result, COLA was unable to take advantage of cross-sell opportunities to generate new business from its existing client base.

The Solution:
Smith Growth Partners first helped COLA discover and develop its value proposition, generating a distilled message that carried across all marketing materials and initiatives. Smith Growth Partners then restructured the information architecture of the five sites into one central site where sales cross-fertilization could occur between the organization's e-learning services and lab accreditation services, and wrote Web content to drive audiences to make purchasing decisions. Software developer and Smith Growth Partners partner Vansam created and implemented the site's functionality.

The Results:
Smith Growth Partners' work for COLA eliminated the confusion that was limiting the organization's ability to communicate effectively with its audience. Users of the site can now easily navigate each section to find the information they need while being exposed to other buying opportunities to help them achieve their clinical outcomes.