Absolute Quality
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The Client: Absolute Quality

Absolute Quality, a subsidiary of Vinciti Networks, is an international technology company that provides outsourced technical support, and testing and localization for video game software.

The Challenge
Smith Growth Partners approached Absolute Quality with a plan to create Web content that spoke to Absolute Quality's different audiences of larger companies looking for outsourced technical support for their customers, and software giants like Nintendo in need of game and educational software testing services. Absolute Quality had been missing valuable new business opportunities because potential audiences searching for one service found the other service instead, got confused, and moved on.

The Solution
Smith Growth Partners integrated the company's two services seamlessly to communicate both the testing service and tech support capabilities on each page of Web copy. Simultaneously, the content focuses on three different decision-making audiences - the CEO, the IT director, and the marketing director - informing and exciting them, and calling them to action.

The Results
Absolute Quality maintained its position as a global company with American ingenuity and business acumen. In both the tech support and game testing areas of the site, the messaging clearly and convincingly directs users to make a purchasing decision.