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Pain Points—Tell us Where it Hurts

The Top 10 Reasons Companies Have Chosen Smith Growth Partners

  1. “We were stuck” – Top-line revenue was stagnant, was not moving upward fast enough, was declining or was forecast to decline. Bottom-line improvement had seemingly gotten everything it could out of the machine, but we knew there must be more; we just didn’t know what or how. We lacked clarity, were unfocused, were not getting impact and were not growing.
  2. “We didn’t have a plan to go to market” – Our growth strategies and tactics were loosely define, not written down and our assumptions hadn’t been vetted an objective advisor. We needed a Marketing Action Plan, complete with timelines and budgets in order to bring clarity and focus to our efforts to raise revenues and capture market-share.
  3. “We didn’t have the resources internally” – A key position on our management team was vacant and we needed a competent interim executive who understood our strategy and could help implement, manage, and even improve it.
  4. “We’d hit a wall” – We knew what the challenges were but we didn’t have the answers internally. We needed some outside expertise, objectivity and facilitation.
  5. “We were burned out” – We’d grown weary of meaningless hyperbole from mar-comms and “branding experts” who don’t know a thing about business, and from the loose ends left by walk-away management consultants who point out the obvious and then…walk away.
  6. “We weren’t a fit” – We were “not a fit” for a top-25 global management-consulting firm, meaning our consulting budget was not big enough to capture their attention.
  7. “We felt like we could work with SGP” – There was a values match. Their Vision and Mission put us first and their approach and breadth of services was very well rounded. They were the right size for us. This was a refreshing break from mega-consulting firms and single-shingle consultants.
  8. “We didn’t have our message together” – Our Value Proposition wasn’t clearly defined and that was making it hard to execute on marketing, marketing communications and sales. We needed to rediscover our brand message and get it onto the market in order to generate revenues.
  9. “Their pricing was fair, predictable and transparent” – We appreciated the frank discussions about investing in our company’s growth. We knew what we were getting into with every project, because we had the option of working on a fixed-fee basis. When we chose to work from a retainer against a slate of outcomes, we got accurate monthly reporting. And when we made the choice to work on a time-and-materials basis, it was always within estimates provided. They were conscientious with our money.
  10. “All of the above!” –We were stuck – knowing we’d hit a wall. We were burned-out and in need of objectivity, creativity, experience and resources. And we were “not a fit” for a big management-consulting firm. We needed a consultant who offered us a fresh perspective, who worked within our budget, and who was aligned with our mission and values.
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