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We’ve come full circle.
In 1998, John Starling and Rob Macdonald formed Macdonald-Starling, Strategic Planning and Development, LLC, to bring top-shelf consulting to middle-market and emerging companies that had been overlooked during the tech boom of the late ’90s.

The firm advised clients, wrote brand bibles, strategic plans and marketing action directives for companies in the mid-Atlantic region, and began working in partnership with Web and print design companies, public relations firms and search engine optimizers to execute those plans. Almost immediately, it became evident that something was missing: the content—the right words to describe the value propositions of companies struggling to differentiate themselves.

In 2001, Macdonald-Starling rolled out Smith Content to meet these needs, and marketing history was made. Smith Content was the first business-to-business content development company in the United States. Previous to the corporate solution Macdonald and Starling created, copywriting needs were served only by full-service agencies and marketing communications firms or freelance writers. For the first time, companies could have a B2B relationship with dedicated business-focused professional writers and brand message consultants, rather than having to staff up, manage a revolving door of freelance writing talent, or deal with the high fees and inefficiencies of an ad agency.


By 2007, content had become the focus of the companies (now combined under the “Smith” banner) and while Starling wanted to get back to his roots in management consulting, marketing and growth strategy, Macdonald forged his own path, first joining a sales training company where he further honed his sales and consulting skills, and in 2010 continuing his passion for writing by launching “robroy & company”.

In the summer of 2007, Starling assumed total ownership of “Smith” and retooled the company to reclaim its roots in growth strategy, implementation and management. He renamed the organization Smith Growth Partners. The name change reflects in part what it is that Smith has always offered its clients: a workingman’s ethic (like a blacksmith). “Growth” points to achieving the highest probability of growth for the client’s consulting dollar, and “Partners” describes a business partnership with a level of commitment unlike any other you are likely to find. Smith Growth Partners—it’s our name, what we do for our clients, and how we do it.

SGP has worked with hundreds of companies across the nation and around the world. We are powering the growth of several companies from a diverse array of industries right now, and  “writing the book on business growth strategy”.

Are you ready to make History?

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Smith Growth Partners is a veteran-owned small business.