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Value Proposition Development

SGP has facilitated the development of over 300 companies’ Value Propositions. A clarifying, professionally facilitated, high-value consulting product, SGP’s Value Proposition Development process empowers companies with the ability to articulate their message to the market through reaching internal consensus in and around the company’s marketing and sales messages—and it only takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

How much is it costing your company to not have a clear message internally and externally? What would be possible if your whole company were on the same page with your message?

Do you value having a compelling Value Proposition? Contact us today. Trust our process.

  Pat Labriola-President, Transportation Safety Exchange
“The Value Proposition is a very valuable exercise. In our case, beyond arming us with a powerful, benefit-driven core message on which to build out our marketing, it brought our organization together—and facilitated the development of our founding ideas into a real business model.”
  Charlotte-Winslow Jenkins, Partner and Practice Leader
“The Value Proposition development process allowed all voices to be heard, and the framework and expert guidance got us where we needed to go very effectively.The outcome far surpassed our expectations…without SGP’s orderly, structured approach we simply would not have developed such a powerful, all-encompassing foundation for our marketing. Having SGP facilitate the process was key to success.”

  Jeffery Fehlauer, CPA
Chief Financial Officer, RAMTech SSI
“As a very successful government contractor, we chose to diversify into the commercial market, and we used the SGP Value Proposition to guide that effort. I see the Value Proposition as an effective, three-page business plan. The process absolutely helped us build the consensus that had been missing from our internal efforts, and the document has given us a lever to move concepts into the actions that move the business forward.The Value Proposition has been a guiding light, so much so that the term itself has become part of our culture.”