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We’re writing the Book on Growth Strategy:

Smith Growth Partners’ Founding Partner, John Starling is writing a book on business growth strategy titled “The Growth Strategy Black Belt”. It originally appeared as a popular series in SmartCEO magazine. You can read the original series by clicking here.


Critical Mass - John was a guest on the radio show, “Critical Mass for Business,” on June 16, 2011. Over the course of a 20-minute interview, John discussed the book he is writing on business growth strategy, as well as the Mentoring and Martial Arts school he recently founded.

Listen now!

Mentoring & Martial Arts

In 2010 John Starling founded The School of the Way with the help of SGP Director of Operations, Anissa Cadar.

The school is a free MMA (mentoring & martial arts) Dojo in Baltimore City. Kids from 8years old through their early 20s are able to study the martial arts and develop a “Life Plan” (a mentoring program based on many of the principals of SGP’s Executive Coaching services. The students pay their own tuition in the form of community service and all school expenses are paid through the generous support of the business community. You can donate online here.






Download this feature in Baltimore Magazine about the school!