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Growing Pains

The Top Reasons Companies Have Chosen Smith Growth Partners

“We didn’t understand our Value Gap” – We knew there was untapped value in the company but didn’t know how much or how to capture it.
“We were stuck” – We struggled to find the path to the growth that we knew we were capable of.
“We’d hit a wall” – We knew what the challenges were, but we didn’t have the answers internally on how to break through and needed a professional outsider.
“We didn’t have a plan” – Our growth strategies were loosely defined and only in the heads of a few people in the company!
“We planned well but executed poorly” – Our strategic planning sessions didn’t carry over into the “real world.”
“We lacked objectivity” – Our assumptions on growth hadn’t been vetted by an objective, experienced outside advisor.
“We felt like we could work with SGP” – There was a values match and their services and experience put us at ease.


Growth Stories

Transportation Safety Exchange

“My sense was that Smith was a fit right away, and my sense was right. Smith hit all the vital points that I needed— instead of an advertising agency, SGP is an organized and disciplined business advisory firm. The MAP process created continuity across the organization, and helped us come together in the creation of a new organization. Because they are business consultants who understand marcom, SGP was able to develop a marketing action plan that fit our business plan in a very seamless way. Smith’s MAP was exactly what I needed—a plan that clearly identified where to go and how we wanted to get there. At its heart, the MAP provided us an excellent, compelling message, with selling points broken down by market segment, which was unique in my experience with consultants.”

-Patrick A. Labriola, President, Transportation Safety Exchange