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Fallston Group

Headquartered near Baltimore, Maryland, the Fallston Group is one of the nation’s leading crisis management and communications firms. With extensive backgrounds in executive leadership, strategy and communications, our team has the knowledge base and tools available to develop a comprehensive, executable crisis plan for your organization.
This team of experts has a deep knowledge base in the disciplines of crisis leadership and reputation management. In fact, many of their clients refer to them as their outsourced CRO—Chief Reputation Officer. Consumers are no longer passive about the products and services they purchase; in fact, 88 percent of consumers say they are influenced most by what others say about a company’s reputation, especially in areas of customer service, how employees are treated, and company scandal. Now more than ever, companies must place as much emphasis on reputation as they do creating and marketing actual products and services. Reputation has a direct impact on marketplace valuation. Issues of sensitivity, adversity or crisis will occur. And while uncomfortable for many, they are truly leadership moments. Ultimately, how you handle a crisis is more important to stakeholders than the crisis itself. Crises cost time, money, customers and careers; in Fortune 500 companies, nearly 30 percent of crises spread globally within an hour, and 70 percent within 24 hours.
Fallston Group complements your internal leadership, strategy and communications teams, with a keen focus on being predictive and proactive, and having the primary goal of either avoiding or managing points of exposure so organizations turn short-term adversity into long-term advantage. Learn more at or email directly at