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Business and Executive Coaching

Peter Drucker famously said (regarding a company’s growth plans being stymied): “The bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle.” We agree, and we like to say that “a good coach can get the executive’s finger out of the bottle without a trip to the hospital.” Once that is accomplished, productive growth strategies in the realm of sales, marketing, communications, training, and human capital development, can occur much more easily.

Selectively, SGP coaches owners and executives on their outcomes and what is between them and reaching their goals. When a company has its message together, is operating from a plan, and has the resources to implement it, but it still isn’t getting the results it wants, it’s usually the leadership and their relationship to themselves within the context of their goals—also known as being “stuck.”

An executive coach can help you break through. Are you stuck? Contact us today.