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This is our Practice: Transformational Growth

An Executive Suite of Services Focused Exclusively on Growth

Smith Growth Partners empowers companies to break through to their next level of growth by employing an innovative blend of practice areas that are exclusively focused on top-line (gross revenues) growth.

Strategic Advisory – “Objective, Creative Input. Vision You Can Afford.” was the tagline of the first iteration of our company, back in 1998. A lot has changed since then. Some things haven’t, like the need for companies to have an advisor who is a partner in their growth, who is an experienced, objective, unattached professional outsider.

Looking for an advisor who acts like a partner? Partner with us.


Outsourced Executive Services – Oftentimes a company’s executive roundtable is missing a key member. Though SGP is not a staffing firm, the company does provide interim outsourced executive services, whereby an SGP Partner or Associate who is familiar with the client’s goals, strategy, culture and industry will serve for a fixed period of time as a V-Level (virtual) Director for the client.

Looking for an interim executive who can grow your company? Outsource to us.

Strategic Marketing – Eisenhower said, “A plan is nothing. Planning is everything.” We help our clients plan how to capture or recapture ground in their markets, and how to open new ones; how to improve their businesses, their competitive edge and their revenues; and how to grow their companies, and grow their lives, so their people can make a living and a life. A plan is nothing…but it’s a starting point and a commitment to things not being as they are today.

Looking for a plan forward?– Plan a call with a Smith Growth Partner.

Dialogue Marketing – Between the listening, learning, measuring, evaluating, understanding and practices that are “marketing”—and the impact and resonance that the message has with the client or prospective client (“marketing communications”)—there is data. And the quality of that data, like the quality of a good fishing line, is often the difference between landing what you’re casting for and going home empty-handed.

Looking for data that drives dialogue? Learn more now.

Marketing Communications – SGP takes its clients’ offerings to the market with a full range of strategic and tactical marketing communications services: branding and content development for Web, print, new media and sales collateral; corporate identity and brand development services; graphic, Web and new media design and development; photography and video; and social marketing consulting, implementation and outsourcing. When your marketing communications are connected to your growth strategy and implemented well, growth can occur, no matter how the market winds are blowing.

Looking for marketing communications that “get it”? Communicate with us.

Sales Strategy and Development – Every Partner and Associate at Smith Growth Partners has been a business owner. Enough said? We’ve all been in the trenches trying to make payroll; we’ve worn the numbers off the phones, built networks at events, traded stories like stocks on the tradeshow floor and enrolled a lot of clients over the years. We understand why people buy and don’t buy; why some people can sell and some profess they can’t. We are not sales trainers, but we can help you reach your goals by integrating your overall growth strategy with your marketing strategy and marketing communications like no other.

Looking for sales strategies developed by relationship specialists? Develop a relationship with us.

Executive Coaching – Peter Drucker famously said (regarding a company’s growth plans being stymied): “The bottle neck is always at the top of the bottle.” We agree, and we like to say that “a good executive coach can get the executive’s finger out of the bottle without a trip to the hospital.” Once that is accomplished, productive growth strategies in the realm of sales, marketing, communications, training, and human capital development, can occur much more easily.

Looking for an executive coach who can help you reach breakthrough results? Reach out to us.

Corporate Training – SGP offers several corporate training courses in transformational growth strategy and breakthrough achievement, marketing and marketing communications, and sales development. All of our training courses can be custom-tailored to the client’s needs, and we are often charged with developing completely new curricula for clients based on the integration of our philosophy and principles, and their vision.

Looking for a training course or program that works? Work with us.

Facilitation and Structured Innovation™ – From the Socratic Method to Structured Innovation, companies seek SGP’s facilitators when they are certain that the ideas they need to break through are inside the company’s walls and skulls—but outside help is needed to bring them to the surface.

Looking for a facilitator that can structure your growth? Structure a conversation with us.

Flat-fee Ideation – Larger companies rely on SGP for flat-fee ideation when they are in search of new product ideas, names, slogans, and taglines, and prefer simply paying a flat, pre-negotiated, fee with all rights and intellectual property assigned to the client at the outset of the engagement.

Looking for an idea that hasn’t yet emerged for your team? Team up with SGP.

It’s been said of our Company that in the game of business, “SGP plays offense.”

It’s true. We love to help our clients score points and win. And at the same time, growing companies is a team sport. We’re admittedly offensive-minded: we like to play up-front and we trust the “defense” to the client’s accountants, attorneys, HR management, bankers and financial advisors. If your company is seeking a solid defensive team, we are happy to make a referral but we’re here to grow your business.

Growth is a Process. Partnership is a Commitment. Let’s Begin.

David Barr, Partner “Tender of Growth”

Todd Crandell, Partner “Connector of Dots”

John Starling, Partner “Maker of Kings”

Susan Borden, Associate “Remover of Obstacles”

Ron Sachs, Partner “Maker of Rain”

Brian Wojcik, Associate “Engineer of Businesses”

Ted Moss, Partner “Agent of Change”


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