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Dialogue Marketing

Strategic solutions and business intelligence designed to drive customer response and performance


1. Proprietary Database Overview
2. What Makes Our Data So Unique?
3. Precise B2B Intelligence
4. Sample Consumer Targeted Selects
5. “DataCheck” -
Organic Data Foundation


Sound good?
Then let’s start a dialogue


Dialogue Marketing is the powerful convergence of engaging marketing communications strategies and tactics, coupled with the latest digital technologies to deliver a commanding ROI.

Over the past 12 years, Smith Growth Partners has planned, implemented and managed top-line revenue growth strategies for companies across the country. By carefully evaluating and integrating new marketing communications technology platforms and applying them to our clients’ marketing efforts, SGP has been able to deliver exceptional results. In the process, we’ve gained a unique insight into the leading-edge technologies and strategies required to unify today’s digital noise into compelling and relevant communications—targeted to a very precise audience.

Creating the dialogue with the market starts with your brand
Dialogue Marketing begins within the core of your brand, and the data that drives its voice. A Data Check (a detailed analysis of your data) allows us to create the foundation and understanding of the many data touch-points that reflect your brand’s listeners, and potential listeners. This focus will serve as the foundation of a dynamic Dialogue Matrix, enabling us to match your customer and buyer profiles with additional data resources to initiate an engaging conversation and drive response.

Several world-class technologies under one roof
We’ve secured key strategic partnerships with some of the best technology companies in the market, which comprise each spoke of today’s multi-channel marketing wheel. From our proprietary, opted-in subscriber database of over 90 million consumer emails (with matching postal addresses and over 800 different granular select criteria) to our PPC (pay-per-click) performance search optimization model, Smith Growth Partners has the talent, capabilities and experience to deliver measurable results.

More Specifics (also contained in PDFs above):

Database overview:

Dialogue Marketing™
Achieve greater results and higher profits from your B2B and B2C direct marketing campaigns with access to data precisely matched to ensure you present the right message to the right market.

Dialogue Marketing™ lets Smith Growth Partner clients develop personalized, relevant communications, driven by a proprietary database of 90 million opted-in email subscribers with matching U.S. postal records.
Direct marketing results are grounded by a foundation of clean, accurate and micro-targeted data. The tools and resources to create targeted communications are held within the information core of a database. Our proprietary data rentals married with your cleaned and customized database will deliver more efficient and profitable marketing campaigns.

SGP has established a strategic alliance with some of the best minds in data resourcing available globally. All of our partnered databases are compiled utilizing behavioral targets to provide the greatest ability to create specific demographic or interest based lists. Our data partners are aggregators that own all of their data, and adhere to the strictest data hygiene disciplines.
Our clients can now benefit from real-time online tracking, which provides total transparency of delivery. SGP can even guarantee 100% delivery of our proprietary email campaigns. We can test, track and deploy a campaign in two hours—and broadcast the same day! The results of multichannel marketing are documented by our customers’ increased response rates and healthier return on investment. SGP’s comprehensive direct marketing team can empower your communications with dynamic creatives driven by the strongest database technology.

Responsive and Deliverable Data:

Deliverability – We guarantee 100% delivery of your email campaign. If a message is bounced back, it will be replaced with a valid deliverable address immediately.

Pristine Data Hygiene – Daily scrubs and weekly passes of our data are done through the ECOA (email change of address).

Custom Data Management – SGP’s informational architects and engineers can work with your technology team to analyze, clean, enhance and expand the intelligence of your company’s internal masterfile database.

Dialogue Marketing – Gives you access to the largest data variable selects in the marketplace. With hundreds of criteria to choose from like Age, Income, Location, and even specific Interests and Lifestyle Profiles, we have your ideal client/prospect target ready. Simply put, Dialogue Marketing has the greatest depth of data selects for all your B2B and B2C marketing campaigns.

True CAN-SPAM ComplianceWe use 100% guaranteed opt-in lists.

How Do I Get Started? If you want to create a dialogue with your marketplace and increase your promotional ROI, contact Smith Growth Partners today with your campaign criteria and goals…and let us deliver the results!
Unique data:
Dialogue Marketing™
What Makes Our Data So Unique?
Data hygiene, infrastructure, and a team of marketing and IT professionals are what enable us to
enjoy our leadership in the data industry.

Q: Where do the opt-in email addresses come from? Are any of the emails in your database acquired/purchased?
A: All of our data is aggregated through our networks, affiliates and strategic partnerships. We take a person’s self-reported, opt-in information from warranty cards, online registrations, e-newsletters, and surveys, and we bounce that information against all the major data sources like Equifax, Acxiom, Experian, and TransUnion. We then cross-reference, or overlay that information, against the databases we currently manage to find other interests. This process is called data profiling. We have over 800 different selects to choose from, including: age, income, location, presence of children (POC), ages of children, ethnic backgrounds, type of vehicle ownership, specific interests and lifestyles.

Q: In what age category do you have the greatest number of email addresses?
A: We have over 90 million opted-in email addresses. The education vertical is significant for us (ages 18-24), but the greatest number would be our 24-55 age group.

Q: What is your average response rate for an email government campaign?
A: The industry standard for open rates is 7-15%. On average, our data performs at 8-18%, with a click-through rate of 1-2.5% of the total amount sent. The conversion rates are truly determined by the offer and the “call to action,” whether it is an email campaign for the government, or any other marketer.

Additional Information about Dialogue Marketing™ Data Services

Permission-Based Email Solutions
When tailoring a list for a client, we evaluate a number of factors, such as selecting the right data based on your unique needs, message, and targets. In addition, SGP data partners evaluate each list by determining its mailing frequency and past performance to optimize your overall results. SGP data partners’ list acquisition team continuously explores new relationships, services and selection capabilities to keep our 90 million opt-in records fresh and responsive.

SGP data partners strictly comply to the following FTC guidelines per the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. False or misleading header information is prohibited. Your email’s “From,” “To,” and routing information—including the originating domain name and email address—must be accurate and identify the person who initiated the email.

Deceptive subject lines are also prohibited. The subject line cannot mislead the recipient about the contents or subject matter of the message.

In terms of opt-out requirements, all emails deployed must provide a return email address or another Internet-based response mechanism that allows a recipient to ask you not to send future email messages to that email address. All requests will be honored. There may be a selection of choices to allow a recipient to opt out of certain types of messages, but you must include the option to end all commercial messages from the sender. Opt-out requests must be able to be processed for at least 30 days after a commercial email is sent. By law, no emails may be sent after 10 business days of a request to opt-out; however, SGP makes every attempt to remove the recipient within 48 hours of the request. Additionally, the sender may not help another entity send email to that address or have another entity send email on behalf of SGP. The sale or transfer of an email address requesting to unsubscribe from the network is prohibited unless transferred so another entity may comply with the law. Your message must contain a clear and conspicuous notice that the message is an advertisement or solicitation and that the recipient can opt out of receiving more commercial email from you. The sender’s valid physical address is also required.

Lead Generation Solutions
SGP’s lead generation solutions are unmatched in our ability to generate clean, fast responses to sell your products and services. Our networks and partners deliver the highest rate of satisfaction for pay-per performance marketing, making the project a win-win for both the buyer and seller. Conversion rates on leads we deliver often have a higher success rate than cold contacts because the prospect is prequalified before you ever receive the lead.

Lead generation has become popular with businesses because it enables them to:
• Determine pricing on a per lead basis
• Select the geographical area that the business is interested in
• Pay only for the leads that are received
• Control and cap the number of leads received each month

Design Solutions
First impressions are always leave a lasting impression, right? That’s why SGP has selected the best in-house team for designing and implementing websites, WAP sites, and HTML creative services that go beyond today’s industry standards. No matter what design service you might need, SGP is the link to get your audience to react. Our experienced in-house team can also develop user-friendly lead generation forms with impressive call-to-action designs. SGP will set out to distinguish you from your competitors, while presenting your information in a clear and entertaining way.

Database Enrichment Solutions
SGP offers list services such as data enhancement and permission-based appending by utilizing our enriched database of 90 million opt-in records. Our append solutions enable you to match more of your database’s customer names and physical addresses to corresponding email and mobile addresses while enhancing lifestyle characteristics. SGP recommends list hygiene and enrichment quarterly for companies that aim keep their customer database alive and active.

B2B intelligence:

Dialogue Marketing™
What Makes Our Business-to-Business Data Resources So Unique?
Smith Growth Partners’ business data resources are aggregated in a series of waves:

Wave I
SGP’s data alliance compiles thousands of new and existing business sources both in the private and public sectors. Through these sources and additional processing, we can harvest base-level information. With over 12,000 website affiliates, we aggregate our data through various partnerships and sources. We utilize a host of resources that include public and private directories, annual reports, business journals, in-house market research, and national change of address processing.

Wave II
Our affiliates contact each business to verify the information and to enrich it with additional data. SGP’s business database has been developed as an informational resource and is augmented through surveys, rewards and incentives, and other online programs.
As a result, the coverage of the SGP Business Database is intended to represent all active business sites. We have over 14 million U.S. businesses in our database, the most responsive and up-to-date in the industry—with 100% opted-in, phone verified where available, and daily scrubs and enhancements.

Dialogue Marketing™ Business Targeted Selects

• Advertising
• Agriculture, Forestry
• Construction
• eCommerce/eTail
• Education
• Engineering
• Finance
• Fishing/Mining
• Government
• Information Technology
• Insurance
• Manufacturing
• Political
• Public Administration
• Real Estate
• Retail
• Sales, Marketing, Management
• Services
• Transportation

• Account Executives
• Accounting Professionals
• Administrators
• Associates
• Business Managers
• C-Level Executives
• Chairman
• Educational Professionals
• Engineering Professionals
• Executive Administrative Assistant
• Executive Vice President
• Facilities Managers
• Female Executives
• Finance Professionals
• Director
• General Counsel
• Healthcare Professionals
• Hispanic Executives
• Human Resource Executives
• Insurance Professionals
• IT Executives
• Legal Professionals
• Management Professionals
• Managers
• Marketing Professionals
• Mortgage Professionals
• Office Managers
• Operation Executives
• Owner
• President
• Production Executives
• Real Estate Professionals
• Sales Professionals
• Senior Vice President
• Shipping/Receiving Professionals
• Supervisors
• Treasurer
• Vice President
• Vice President of Sales

• 1-9 employees
• 10-24
• 25-49
• 50-99
• 100-249
• 250-499
• 500-999
• 1,000-4,999
• 5,000-9,999
• 10,000+

• Less than $100,000
• $100,000 - $500,000
• $500,000 - $1 Million
• $1 Million - $5 Million
• $5 Million - $10 Million
• $10 Million - $25 Million
• $25 Million - $50 Million
• $50 Million - $100 Million
• $100 Million - $250 Million
• $250 Million - $500 Million
• $500 Million+

• State
• County
• City
• ZIP Code

Sample Consumer Targeted Selects:

Dialogue Marketing™: Sample Consumer Targeted Selects

• Educational Level
• Ethnicity
• Gender
• Homeowner
• Income
• Marital Status
• Occupation
• Presence of Children
• Presence of Credit
• Renter

• State
• County
• City
• ZIP Code

• Less than $25,000
• $25,000 - $50,000
• $50,000 - $75,000
• $75,000 - $100,000
• $100,000 - $150,000
• $150,000 - $200,000
• $200,000 - $250,000
• $250,000+

• College – Bachelor’s Degree
• College – Master’s Degree
• College – PhD
• College Grad
• College Student
• High School Graduate
• Online College
• Some College
• Vocational

• College
• Education /General
• Jobs & Employment
• Primary Education
• Science
• Technical
• Some College
• Vocational

• Art
• Arts & Crafts
• Dance/Ballet & Jazz
• Performing Arts
• Models & Actors
• Music
• Musical Instruction
• Musical Instruments
• Painting
• Sculpting
• Theatre

• Clubs
• Concerts
• Events
• Online Entertainment Users

• Alternative Medicine
• Contact Lens/Eyeglass wear
• Disabilities
• Exercise Equipment
• Fitness
• Herbal Remedies
• Nutritional Supplements
• Weight Loss

• Antiques
• Auctions
• Camping
• Cigars
• Collectibles
• Gardening
• Guns
• Hiking
• Hobbies
• Outdoor Adventure
• Hunting
• Pets
• Photography
• Politics
• Religion
• Travel

• Alzheimer's
• Angina
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Allergies
• Back Pain
• Balding
• Blindness
• Breast Cancer
• Cancer
• Children's Health & Fitness
• Clinical Depression
• Diabetes
• Emphysema
• Epilepsy
• Headaches
• Hearing Difficulty
• Heartburn
• Heart Disease
• High Cholesterol
• Migraines
• Osteoporosis
• Parkinson's Disease
• Physical Disability
• Ulcer

• Audio/Visual
• Books & Information
• Cell Phones & Pagers
• Clothing (men’s, women’s, children’s)
• Clubs
• Cosmetics
• Colognes
• Computer Hardware & Software
• Dining/Restaurants
• Electronics
• Foods
• Furniture
• Internet Merchandise
• Jewelry
• Music CDs
• Online Buyers
• Party Supplies
• Recipes
• Service Organizations
• Singles
• Teens
• Toddlers
• Toys

• Decoration/Design
• Home Improvement
• Vacation Homes

• Alternative Rock
• Big Band
• Classical
• Country
• Easy Listening
• Jazz
• Opera
• Rap
• World/Ethnic

• Office Supplies
• Opportunity Seekers
• Personal Finance & Investment
• Property & Casualty Insurance
• Real Estate Investment
• Retirement Planning
• Stocks, Bonds & Estate Planning

• Arts
• Collecting
• Cooking
• Do-It Yourself
• Fine Dining
• Gambling: Lottery, Casino
• Sweepstakes
• Homemaking
• Music
• Nature
• Performing Arts
• Photography
• Reading
• TV/Games
• Wine Tasting

• Commercial Property
• Land
• Residential Property

• Baseball
• Basketball
• Boating or Sailing
• Camping or Hiking
• Collectible Sports Items
• Equipment
• Events
• Fishing
• Fitness
• Football
• Golf
• Hockey
• Hunting
• Professional Sports Fan
• Snow Skiing
• Soccer
• Sports (General)
• Sports Apparel
• Sports Equipment
• Sporting Goods
• Running
• Water Skiing
• Weight Lifting, Yoga or Pilates
• Women's Sports

• Family Vacations
• Business Travel
• Car Rentals
• Cruises
• Discounted Airfares
• Guide Tours
• International Adventure
• International Travel
• Lodging and Resorts
• Outdoor Adventure
• Romantic Vacations
• Special Needs Travel
• Theme Parks
• Train Travel
• Travel and Vacations (General)
• Vacation Rentals and Timeshares
• Alternative Lifestyles

• Airline Travel
• Automobiles
• Bicycles
• Boats
• Motorcycles
• Planes
• Recreation Vehicles
• Trucks

• Annuities
• Automotive Insurance
• Business Services
• College Savings/529s
• Commodities/Speculators
• Debt Reduction/Consolidation
• Entrepreneurs
• Financial Planning
• Home-based Business
• Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Mortgage Refinancing/Cash Out
• Mutual Funds
• Office Equipment

DataCheck™ - Organic Data Foundation:

SGP’s DataCheck™
A focused analysis of your company’s information resources to provide clarity on your data as a strategic asset for revenue growth.
When you are about to go on a long road trip, you naturally take the time to check the tires’ air pressure, test the oil and fluid levels, clean the windows and fill the tank with gas. Why wouldn’t you perform the same review and checkup of your company’s data and infrastructure before driving your brand/message further into the marketplace?

The DataCheck™ process is a detailed analysis of the most critical information assets of your company. SGP will work with your staff to review all aspects of your company’s data to ensure that its structure, maintenance, and strategic implementation performs as it should—a well-oiled engine of revenue growth. SGP’s expert team of strategic architects and information engineers will evaluate and fine-tune your company’s data resources. The end result is a keen understanding of the data profile of your client base, which, along with the right structure and tools, is essential to deliver highly personalized and engaging communications to customers and prospects.

You can rely on DataCheck™ to answer the following questions:
• What’s in our data? What are we missing that would better inform marketing, sales, and research and development?
• What marketing and sales data is being collected, lost or shared? Where is this data located within our organization?
• What additional information resources are available to append and expand our database for targeted online and offline promotions?
• What are the data points of marketing and sales information that are not being captured—but are essential—in our company’s database?
• How much do we know about our target audience’s demographics and lifestyle preferences? Are we using this information to our advantage?
• Are our communications tailored to the values of our customers/prospects with personalized and relevant content? And, is our brand’s message tightly positioned around these values?
• Is our marketing and sales database being properly updated, maintained and secured?

What’s the Process?
While each DataCheck™ evaluation is performed based on our client’s specific needs, each starts with an onsite engagement of a specified period.

It’s likely that some or all of the following will apply in your situation:

1. Informational Audit – Evaluation of all the data touch-points of customer and prospect files, including:
• Tracking email/postal deliverability
• Verifying information accuracy prior to database entry
• Understanding your data and how it got there
• List hygiene and database checkups

2. Message and Communication Matrix – Evaluation of the current use of the data being captured and how this information intelligence is integrated into communications to customers and prospects.

3. Data Blueprint – Defining the information being lost, clarifying additional data to be obtained, and identifying the resources necessary for the future growth of customer/prospect business intelligence within your company.

What Can You Expect?
Some potential outcomes of the DataCheck™:
• Recommendations and implementation of relational database and application solutions.
• Recommendations and implementation of customer and prospect profiling and segmentation.
• Identifying and securing additional outside data resources for targeted promotions, as well as appending and enhancing existing master file database intelligence.
• Determining the resources and tools to effectively track and measure the success of promotional campaigns.

Contact Us Today
To unlock the full potential of your company’s data and learn how it can most effectively be used to drive business growth, call Smith Growth Partners for a free consultation.

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